“The Life & Times of Omar ibn Sayyid”
A One Act Monologue Play

Written by Ahmad Kenya

…is a riveting unforgettable journey through the 18th century life and times of a well accomplished, devoutly religious and gentile man, who was a teacher and scholar from Futa Torro in West Africa.  He had made the Pilgrimage to Mecca before his capture, and enslavement in North Carolina.  Omar ibn Sayyid was acclaimed as an “African Muslim Scholar of Arabic letters, who wrote pages of the Qur’an from memory and even continued to fast the Month of Ramadan while in captivity.”  He leaves us a spell binding story and legacy of hope finally overcoming all obstacles.  The story of his life experiences both as a free man in Africa, and a slave in North Carolina are unforgettable.

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Reviews & Commentary
“The Life & Times of Omar ibn Sayyid”
Ahmad Kenya

“It was amazing to see Ahmad Kenya literally transform into Omar ibn Sayyid.  I had never heard about the life of Omar before, but Ahmad made me feel as if Omar was there in the flesh speaking to me.  "The Life and Times of Omar ibn Sayyid" is quite an incredible and inspiring story about the struggles, perseverance, and triumph of a Muslim slave in his quest for freedom.  People of all ages will enjoy this play and realize that the strength of their ancestors lives in their blood today.  With God (or Allah), all things are possible.”
            -Michelle Everett-Washington, DC-

"They say time travel is not yet possible... somebody forgot to tell Ahmad Kenya.  The play of “The Life & Times of Omar Ibn Sayyid” will take you back to the slave coast of Africa to the plantations of South Carolina…as you walk in the footsteps of the life of a historic Muslim scholar and Great African American."
          -Toure' Lawrence Muhammad, Washington DC-

“Ahmad Kenya's dynamic presentation of “The Life and Times of Omar ibn Sayyid” at the Reeves Center in Washington, D.C. is a must see for all.  The audience is captivated by his electrifying performance throughout the one man production.  Kenya's rich portrayal of Omar ibn Sayyid's life is revealing, powerful and deeply intense.  You will come away altered by Kenya's gut wrenching dramatization of the great African scholar's life.”
Prof. Marian Williams-Former Faculty Howard Univ.-Washington,DC

“The Life & Times of Omar ibn Sayyid”, written by Ahmad Kenya, is a prolific and emotionally gripping experience that takes the audience “full-circle”, back through the annals of history,…across boundaries of time, and space,… and across the Atlantic Ocean that served as a barrier between continents, nations and peoples.
   Audiences are emotionally gripped by the riveting portrayal of this “noble human beings” life, and the overwhelming obstacles he faced in his life and quest for freedom.   
   No translations are needed from the languages of Africa, as Omar ibn Sayyid speaks direct to your heart and soul through the tremendous power of one man against a hideous “way of life” that so many today, would like to forget and assign to the dark abyss of America’s darkest hours.
   Your lives, and the lives of your children and grandchildren will be forever touched by this truly excellent presentation.
   The wealth of information provided about Omar ibn Sayyid’s life and the cultures of Africa is truly invaluable.
  The dramatization will overwhelmingly impact the complete audience.  The profound ending of the saga brought forward to current African-American descendants shows the fulfillment of our dreams.
   Intensely passionate and overwhelming….no one can escape being touched by the experiences of “The Life & Times of Omar ibn Sayyid.”
Abdul Rahim Muhammad, Director
New Africa Center
Muslim American Museum & Archive
Philadelphia, PA

All photos are courtesy of Richard Taylor   E-Mail: rtee21009@comcast.net

"The Life & Times of Omar ibn Sayyid"
18th Century Dramatic Historical Slave Reenactment