"Mambugur & Tales of the Dogon"
   This is a wonderful journey of tales, epics, songs, and dances that takes the young imagination of audiences back to the "land of the Dogon" in Mali West Africa.    
   "Mambugur" (Grandfather) is accompanied by his
village friend and fellow musician, Malika , as they search for the "wiley" character, "Babu"!      
   "Hey! Have you seen Babu?  I’ve been searching for him everywhere?"
   "Mambugur" (Grandfather) actively engages the audience children in an interactive search, telling Ancient African creation stories, singing songs in "unwritten languages", playing music, and enlisting the aid of his wonderful African Marionette friends known as "Dogo","Bozo", "Yasama" and "Yadjugulu".    
   You’ve never seen African Marionettes like these before!  They’re almost human!
   "Hey! Do you have plenty, plenty?"
   Everyone in the audience will need "plenty, plenty" if they don’t find "Babu", because excitement becomes unbridled as the great Female Dogon Chakaba (Stilt Walker)is coming along with the four-legged "beast of the harvest, known as "Tyi-Wara"!

Audience/Presenter Reviews:

“Mambugur (Grandfather) & Tales of the Dogon”
“Your performance was really great, and I could tell people really enjoyed it.  It was even cooler to see your marionette work, and the stilt dancing in person.

Everything else was spectacular .  Visually and aurally it is a very interesting and great show.

It was a pleasure to work with you, thanks for your patience, and for coming and putting on a great show.”
Matt Schlatter-Aspire Entertainment

“Thank you all for your wonderful performance! As an audience member, I was constantly engaged in the story, and I agree fully with Matt when he says it was very visually and aurally interesting- there was never a dull moment! I loved how much fun the performers had with the audience and audience participation as well!”
Aubrie Williams-Aspire Entertainment

   “Mambugur & Tales of the Dogon” is performed before an authentic appearing Dogon village set/props, by 4 talented performers.  The total running time for “Mambugur & Tales of the Dogon”  is approximately 1 hour. (without intermission)

Performance Integration

We can fit into a performance schedule at a designated site, with an approximate 30 minute strike time prior to performance, or simply install everything in advance at the start of the day.  

   We also require 1 hour tech rehearsal, and 1 hour costuming prior to performance.


   We are tentatively available primarily on weekends.

   Perhaps with enough advance notice confirmation, we could perform on a Weekday.

Fee Request

   Negotiable pending current touring prospectus rates.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.

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e-mail: imagesofthemotherland@yahoo.com