"Images of the Motherland: Interactive Theatre"

"Images of the Motherland: Interactive Theatre" made it's mark in the history of the Delaware Valley area in 1997 with "Tales of the Dogon", a series of legends and epics from the Dogon, Cliff Dwellers of Mali, W. Africa. These epics span a period from Creation to the 12th Century. They include: "The Legend of the Jackal", "The Legend of Dogo", "The Legend of the Blacksmith" and "The Legend of Sundiata." These epics featured themes of respect, self-esteem, and positive character development.

The next major production during 1999 was "The Legend of Kan-Kan Musa: Mansa of Mali" A Tale About the Equality of All Peoples. "The Legend of Kan-Kan Musa: Mansa of Mali" is a masterpiece in conflict resolution, that fosters appreciation for multicultural values common in all peoples. This production was based upon an actual historical incident during the 13th Century, that changed the world foreverů." The Great Golden Pilgrimage of Kan-Kan Musa" encounters the greatest military power of the day, Egyptian Mamluk Sultan al Naseer, as East meets West in one of the greatest cultural exchanges ever to take place with dazzling riches, pageantry, power, and cultural enrichment for all.

Our new production, written and developed in 2000, has been 2 years in the making, and now makes it's debut in 2002. "Songhai" An Anti-Gun/Anti-Violence Dramatic Production, is a 15th Century dramatic work about the Empire of Songhai and the Empire of Morocco, which focuses on themes deploring the use of violence and guns to exploit others, how greed destroys peoples lives, and how ultimately tragic historical events will repeat themselves if we fail to learn "the lessons of the past". This production depicts how the "common good" of the human spirit, inherent in all peoples, can unite to undo the tragic evils men often exact upon the innocent, weak and defenseless not only in their society, but especially societies culturally or ethnically different from their own.

"Images of the Motherland: Interactive Theatre" began with a cast of 5 members, and now features a cast of up to 20 extremely talented actors, actresses, performance artists, and musicians. Together, performing to resounding standing ovations, they bring to you the very best of cultural entertainment and educational enrichment unlike anything you have ever seen.

"Images of the Motherland: Interactive Theatre" was initiated in 1997, and is a member of "Theater Alliance of Greater Philadelphia."